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Nick covers as many items as he can about how to own/operate a bounce house and waterslide rental business. Enjoy!

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This is Nick’s newest show called Bounce House Nightmares! He documents some of the crazy stuff you can encounter as a Bounce House Operator.




So when The Jump Off guys ask you to keep the slide blown up when it rains (which seems weird I know) THIS IS WHY!



Here’s how we clean our slides! Once a month we do a DEEP clean, this is just the routine cleaning.



Tarps are a way of life for us, so here’s how we clean and store them!




You’ve already seen this video if you’ve rented the foam machine from us 🙂



So you want to know what it’s like to be an entrepreneur? Well here you go!



This is one of our best videos! It’s really a movie, and it shows what it’s like doing all that we do. 



Please leave the bounce house on when it rains! If not, we gotta do this…