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Nick and the guys teach their tricks, tips, and techniques on how to own/operate a bounce house and waterslide rental business that will scale large enough enabling others to quit their regular jobs and become a full time bounce house entrepreneur. 

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What started as bit of passion project for Nick, has turned him into a LEGIT celebrity in the bounce house world. The Youtube channel began as a way for Nick to scratch his itch to teach and mentor people, and has since taken on a life all its own allowing The Jump Off to launch a manufacturing side of the business that’s on pace to do over $60,000 this year!

The Jump Off is also now sponsored by rental software company InflatableOffice and motorized dolly company RollsAll

Below is a few of The Jump Off YouTube videos, with MANY more on the channel.

This is one of our best videos! It’s really a movie, and it shows what it’s like doing all that we do.

This is Nick’s newest show called Bounce House Nightmares! He documents some of the crazy stuff you can encounter as a Bounce House Operator.

So when The Jump Off guys ask you to keep the slide blown up when it rains (which seems weird I know) THIS IS WHY!

Here’s how we clean our slides! Once a month we do a DEEP clean, this is just the routine cleaning.

Tarps are a way of life for us, so here’s how we clean and store them!

You’ve already seen this video if you’ve rented the foam machine from us 🙂

So you want to know what it’s like to be an entrepreneur? Well here you go!

Please leave the bounce house on when it rains! If not, we gotta do this…