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The Jump Off has now grown to be the largest inflatable rental business in St Tammany Parish and is now head quarterd at their 3000 square foot warehouse in Covington, LA.

The company was founded by Nick Glassett and his wife Michelle in July of 2019 with the purchase of 2 inflatables, an orange dinosaur bounce house and a 32ft slip-n-slide.

Nick was wanting to quit his 16 year career as a district manager for a national retail company, so after purchasing the bounce houses, he brained stormed up the name “The Jump Off”, made the company logo, and started the business, landing the first rental over The 4th of July weekend in 2019.

Of course the pandemic outbreak in March of 2020 temporarily slowed down the growth of The Jump Off, but when Michelle had to close down her hair salon, they decided run a crazy marketing campaign doing a week long rental for the cost of one day and that viral ad set things in motion!

In 5 Years We Have Never Missed a Party Rental

As The Jump Off rapidly scaled during 2020, getting up to around 20 total inflatables, Nick made the decision to go all in on this industry, and put all his prior business experience into The Jump Off.

The culture of the Jump Off is built on the back of amazing customer service, and an absolute undying drive to never miss a party. To this day, The Jump Off has delivered EVERY SINGLE PARTY RENTAL it’s ever had in the near 5 year history of the company. 

Thats 100% of all rentals delivered!

This stellar track record stems from the high integrity, and massive sense of responsibility that we KNOW we have deliver clean, on time inflatables, as often the most important part of the birthday party.

As long as we’re in business, we will strive to maintain our perfect record!

From the Bounce House Business to the Top YouTube Channel

Growing a business doing bounce house rental in Covington, LA is hard enough work (these inflatables are HEAVY), but as Nick looked to the internet for some support, he started to realize there was very little info out there.

As a naturally creative person, Nick was doing things a little outside the box, but he wouldn’t learn that until he finally started making content for YouTube. He would get poked fun at by the “old guys” in the industry, but as a charismatic personalty that LOVES business, he just kept filming and posting!

As of 2024 Nick is about to surpass 13,000 Subscribers making his YouTube channel the largest in the industry. Nick is widely regarded as the loudest voice in bounce house business and now has a FaceBook Group called Bounce House Business Mentors with 5100 members, as well as a Discord group and a podcast called Just Go with Nick Glassett. 

Meet Our Team Of Inflatable Rental Experts

The hiring and team building is one of Nick’s favorite things about entrepreneurship, and in 2021 it was time to start bringing on help! The Jump Off was looking like it would be too busy for Nick to deliver all these bounce houses alone, so he started interviewing!

By summer 2021 the team was up to 4 total employees running 4 trucks and 2 trailers.

In 2022 The Jump Off was looking to go really big, as the branding was starting to take hold, the inventory was up to about 30 inflatables, and Nick went pretty aggressive into marketing!

We ended up hiring as many guys as we could, and our team grew to 10 employees quick! As of writing this our staff will fluctuate between 8 and 12 employees, and though intensive training, monthly meetings, and high communication, we have VERY high retention, and an unusually dedicated staff.

If you go read through our 290+ 5 star Google Reviews, you’ll see that a vast majority of them mention how polite, professional and knowledgable our delivery crews are, and often mention them by name!

The Jump Off Store and Opening Our 2nd Location

So on the back of the success of the YouTube channel, Nick knew that he had to create a community, so he started the FaceBook Group and also a Discord channel.

Being the mentor that he is at heart, Nick decided to start creating tools that can help other bounce house operators be more efficient and have less strain in their lives day to day. The products started flying off the shelves, and are now made by professional manufacturer Big and Bright Inflatables

The Jump Off Store is now built on Shopify and has over 12 products that Nick created, some of them completely new inventions all together.

In 2024 The Jump Off has also expanded to a second location in Baton Rouge! It’s owned and operated by a long type Jump Off employee Trever, and is set to deliver the amazing quality for bounce house rentals in Baton Rouge, LA.